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Established in 2008 what started as dream moved into something so rediculous that we can only smile and be thankfull. Deep Blue Adventures is about taking you on an adventure you can afford with the least amount of trouble. Feel like hunting a lion or snorkeling in paradise, we will get you there without hassles and worries. Our goal is to put you on the rollercoaster of adventure and deliver you home safely. Get in touch with us to book your next adventure CLICK HERE and we will talk as soon as your mail arrives. ROSSHA Seafood Lapa My wife,Natasha is behind this master piece. As much as she is the best wife in the world her hands can create plates of adventures and make you scream for seconds. Our pub can serve you anything and our restuarant is rigged to turn a birthday party into a new years celebration. We can also cater for any function, no matter where you are. Feel free to click HERE and we will get back to you as soon as our mailbox screams NEW MAIL. Enjoy your stay on our site and we encourage you to come and visit our homebase here in Inhassoro for a family reunion.